SMOK Tanks Replacement Glass

Size SKU Stock Price MSRP Qty
1Pack/3Pcs - TFV8 Glass ASMOKRGP-TFV8 124
1Pack/3Pcs - TFV8 Baby Glass ASMOKRGP-TFV8BA 91
1Pack/3Pcs - TFV8 Big Baby Glass ASMOKRGP-TFV8BB Out of Stock
Out of Stock
1Pack/3Pcs - TFV8 X-Baby Glass ASMOKRGP-TFV8XB Out of Stock
Out of Stock
1 Pc - TFV8 Big Baby Bulb Glass ASMOKRGSB-TFV8BB Out of Stock
Out of Stock
1 Pack/10 Pcs - TFV8 Big Baby Glass ASMOKRGTP-TFV8BB 44
Replacement glass tubes for TFV8, TFV8 Baby, and TFV8 Big Baby tanks. One pack comes with 3 replacement tubes.
SMOK Glass Replacement

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